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Unfortunately, I had to leave my job last month due to personal health issues, which kills me inside. Really, I spent a lot of time learning and growing there from someone who occasionally dicked around with coding on the off chance, to someone who actively spent time teaching myself, building, debugging, testing and more. (Oh, and screwing up, but that’s normal.)

I’m glad to have taken those traits with me after leaving, and I’m trying to put them to good use. Last week I finished up and published Nexiyo, a small framework which takes things I learned from working with WordPress and Laravel, and putting it into a neat little package for small sites, APIs or other applications that don’t need two dozen items installed to run. I’m hoping to work more on this as I start building things with it (hopefully something to help keep track of all my RPG shenanigans!).

Hoping to write more posts soon, but for now that’s all.